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Name:CQD-B  Electric reach forklift
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1.Configuration of the pumping station and wheel imports and imports of electronic control systems, performance
2.Configuration of the traction battery capacity, charge fast and convenient, durable consumption, with power indicator, low-voltage warning light
3.Gantry tilt a certain angle and a high degree of freedom to enhance
4.Apply to operate single-sided double-sided pallet cargo tray
5.With low-voltage protection, the battery voltage when the voltage is lower than the protection of the use of batteries, to extend the service life of
6.In line with the European EN1757-1: 2001, EN1727 standard
Model CQD10B-30 CQD12.5B-30 CQD15B-30
Load Capacity Q kg 1000 1250 1500
Load Center mm 400(500) 400(500) 400(500)
Max. Lifting Height H mm 3000 3000 3000
Free Lift mm (150+1500)
Degree of Tilt Angle 2 ゜ / 5 ゜ 2 ゜ / 5 ゜ 2 ゜ / 5 ゜
Fork Length L3 mm 1000 1000 1000
Lifting Speed (Laden/Unladen) m/min 5 5 5
Travel Speed (Laden/Unladen) km/hr 5/4.5 5/4.2 6.5/5.5
Gradeability (laden/unloaden) % 8/5 8/5 8/5
Turning Radius R1 R2 mm H1:1600, H2:2050 H1:1660, H2:2020 H1:1725, H2:2180
Reach Stroke L2 mm 600 600 600
Frame Length L1 mm 1660 1718 1785
Frame Width W2 mm 868 868 1040
Mast Height Mast Lowered mm 2150
Mast Lifted mm 3510
Straddle Leg Height K mm 258 258 258
Wheel Base mm 1350 1420 1490
Wheel Tread (Front) mm 1030
Fork Adjusting Distance W mm 220~700
Weight (Incl. battery) kg 1500 1650 1850
Wheel Front Wheel mm Polyurethane 210X85 x 2EA
Rear Wheel mm Polyurethane 250X90 x 1EA
Balance Wheel mm Polyurethane 160X60 x 2EA
Control System Drive Control MOSFET MOSFET MOSFET
Motor Drive Motor 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Hydraulic Motor 2.8kw 2.8kw 3.0kw
Battery Voltage 24V 24V 24V
Capacity 240AH 240AH 240AH
Charger System Intelligent Intelligent Intelligent
Input Power Source 50Hz, 220V/380V 50Hz, 220V/380V 50Hz, 220V/380V

1.Spercial lifting height is available.
2. Germany origin imported REMA, FREI tiller is option.
3. Can be with armrest and forged forks.
4. The specification in the table are ofr standard models only, for further information, please contact with us.
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