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Add:19 Hangsheng Road, Hangtou
            Damaiwan Industry Park,
            Pudong New District,
            Shanghai P.R.China 201316
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Warranty Servies
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We support and services our customers for their ultimate success, and any distributors can either provide the necessary parts from own spare part stock or from OKUTSU head office or Branch offices, and optimal service to OKUTSU products, 100% spares is available with our dealers. if you would apply for the dealership from our firms or get products information or services support, please try to contact with our head office.

Shanghai Beili Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
19 Hangsheng Road, Hangtou Damaiwang Industry Park,Nanhui,P.R.China 201314
Tel: 0086-21-68221700
Fax: 0086-21-68038190
Email: okutsu@163.com
Service Contracts

OKUTSU offer a number of service packages to suit your needs:

Service on call-out basis only
This option is for customers vehicles that have light usage and are maintained by your own maintenance staff.

Regular Service Contracts
To ensure your vehicles are maintained efficiently and continue to serve the needs of your organisation, regular 3-monthly and 6-monthly service contracts can be arranged, and may vary depending on vehicle usage and site conditions.

Annual Service Contract
The annual service contract is for light use vehicles to ensure and maintain good functioning and working.
Our service engineers not only carry out service functions, but can carry out driver training, familiarization training of electric vehicles, offer advice and guidance for any aspect of electric vehicle usage.
They will also offer advice if you are thinking of replacing an existing vehicle that has come to the end of its life cycle.
Like all service contracts these can be tailored to suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

Breakdown Service

At OKUTSU, we are committed to providing excellent service and customer back-up for our electric vehicles and trailers.
Our aim is to provide next day response and in some case same day where possible. If our engineer deems the problem requires workshop repair, we will arrange to collect the vehicle, a loan vehicle will be provided where possible.
The vehicle will be booked into the workshop for repair and test, and will be returned to you in a timely fashion.
Our engineers carry a wide range of spare parts to cover all possibilities and are restocked every day to keep them on the move. They are able to carry out small workshop repairs on site with their fully fitted van.